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King Coffee

Type: Dessert

Place/Date of Origin: Worcestershire

Season of use: Nov-Dec

Taste: Sweet to bittersweet, with subtle coffee notes
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Featured in the book Welsh Marches Pomona produced by the Marcher Apple Network, King Coffee is a late dessert variety, first recorded as being exhibited at the Fruit Conference of the Royal Horticultural Society held in Crystal Palace in 1934, though it is reported to have been grown in Worcestershire for many years before this.

Medium to large fruits flush a deep maroon as they ripen, with some russeting. The flesh is greenish white, juicy and sweet, with a faint coffee flavour which can be difficult to detect.

Illustration by Margaret A. V. Gill for Welsh Marches Pomona



M9, M116, MM106, MM111

Pollination group