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Tanat Reviver


Type: Culinary, Cider, Dessert

Place/Date of Origin: Tanat Valley, Powys

Taste: TBC!

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A recently discovered apple tree found (and named!) in the Tanat Valley, the Tanat Reviver was identified by a local resident and gardener, who describes in her Tanat Valley Chronicle article:

‘It all started back in 2006 when we had a Glasu funded orchard consultation from The Orchard
Doctor, the late Tony Gentil. We soon realised that we had a very old and special apple tree on our
smallholding. At the time of the visit the tree was deemed to be approximately 120-150 years old
and one of the oldest Tony had seen.’

DNA testing followed, which confirmed the uniqueness of the variety. We are assured the fruits are sweet enough to eat and cook down easily too, whilst also providing delicious juice (and cider) if pressed.

We’ve yet to test them out ourselves, but as the specimen in our Mother collection matures we look forward to learning first hand about this local variety, which represents a heartening story of resilience and our unique local heritage.


M116, MM106, MM111, M25