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Onibury Pippin


Type: Dessert

Place/Date of Origin: Shropshire early 1900’s

Season of use: Sept-Oct

Taste: Juicy and refreshing

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A sweet and richly flavoured dessert apple from Onibury, near Ludlow, Shropshire.  This cultivar is reputed to have been raised by Thomas Andrew Knight’s nursery in the early 19th Century. A report from 1883 described the Onibury Pippin as ‘a perfect model for a dessert apple from its handsome neat looks, golden colour and lasting qualities’. Disappearing in the mid 1900’s, it was rediscovered by a Shropshire tree warden in 1996.

Described as a ‘juicier’ version of the Blenheim Orange, this refreshing apple is ripe in October and November.


M26, M116, MM106, M25

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