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Sweeney Nonpareil


Type: Culinary

Place/Date of Origin: Oswestry 1807

Season of use: Oct- Dec Dec-May

Taste: Sharp, acidic

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This visually striking culinary apple is one of the most local in our collection, originating near Oswestry on the Sweeney Hall estate in 1807.  Its rough, bright green skin is covered with extensive russet and renticulation, giving it quite a unique appearance.

It cooks to a sharp, stiff puree excellent for sauces. Whilst too acidic to most palates, it was originally described as a dessert apple, and keeps well into Spring by which time it has mellowed significantly in flavour.

In recent years, the Sweeney Nonpareil has been somewhat confused with the Bringewood Pippin, which I rescued from near extinction back in 2004, as they share a likeness on first inspection.

The story of this rare local apple was featured in the Oswestry Heritage Comics series (see gallery above).


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