Visiting Swansea Orchard Project & the Grafting Season begins

This weekend, I made a visit to the Swansea Orchard Project to tutor in summer grafting and pruning as part of an accredited Certificate in Community Orcharding at a beautiful community orchard within the old walled garden of Margam Country Park. Set in 1,000 acres of Parkland, it is a place steeped in history, wildlife …

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Planting season

tinified (6) We’ve started lifting trees now they are dormant. Once they are dug out of the ground they are ‘heeld in’ to a bed with very light soil where they can be easily lifted as they are ordered.

New Shed

A lot has happened at the nursery since I last updated this blog. Here are some photos of a shed I built using Douglas Fir and European Larch. I take commissions for all sorts of woodworking projects. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your ideas.

‘Top Working’

These pictures show different techniques for ‘top working’ an existing apple tree. On the left shows a successful rind graft of Lord Lambourne. The right hand picture shows one failed and one successful cleft graft on the variety Worcester Pearmain. Both grafts have taken very well, putting on some very healthy growth. I’m surprised at …

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Tree Nursery

The new nursery site was topped last week. I decided to top it rather than take hay off it in order to keep the fertility on site. Today I ran a mole plough through the site. This was a very impressive sight. Three tines are dragged through the soil at a depth of up to 18 inches. The …

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Having recently found out that Pears, Quince and Medlar can be grafted onto Hawthorn I’ve been experimenting with cleft grafting these onto existing hawthorn trees. This is Doyenne du Comice pear cleft grafted onto a 20 year old hawthorn. I have grafted onto a stem about 2 inches in diameter. The stem behind has been …

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