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Fame at last! I’ve graced the pages of The English Garden Magazine, with a feature in which my commitment to agroecological practices and the stewarding of heritage varieties took centre stage. The article managed to capture both my ethos as an organic grower, and the power of agroecosystems as productive, biodiverse landscapes which offer rewarding […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 20th February 2024, under Nursery Trees,Orchards,Visits

Apple season & bare root trees for sale

After a Spring that proved challenging for many growers, unpredictable rain, winds and temperatures continued into Summer and Autumn. At the nursery, this resulted in a slow start to the season, and a rate of growth in September that is more like what we’d usually expect in June and July. That said, once things got […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 27th November 2023, under Edible landscapes,Events,Nursery Trees,Orchards,Visits

Tree packing, pruning & planting

  It’s been a seriously busy season packing and sending out orders of apples, pears, damsons, plums, quince, cherries and one or two medlars. A big thank you to everyone who placed orders with me! Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope you will continue to enjoy your trees for many years to come. […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 10th March 2023, under Events,Hedge-Laying,Nursery Trees,Orchards,Visits

Tree Lifting Season

With chilly nights hungrily encroaching on meagre daylight hours, and the striking colours of Autumn fading with Winter’s frosty grasp, Nature is preparing for a period of rest and hibernation. But for tree nurseries all over the UK, we are now in one of the busiest parts of the season. With the trees in their […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 9th December 2022, under Edible landscapes,Nursery Trees,Orchards,Visits

The Tanat Reviver

The Tanat Reviver tells a story of resilience: of one veteran apple tree, discovered in the gardens of a Tanat valley resident back in 2006, now in the National Welsh collection, and here in my own Mother tree collection just a few miles away on the Shropshire/Welsh border. It’s one fascinating local piece of a […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 5th November 2022, under Uncategorised

Summer at the nursery

Last month we welcomed a barnful of local stallholders and visitors to the nursery for our Summer Pop-Up. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was fantastic to be able to welcome so many keen gardeners, growers, foodies, and people wanting to make a positive difference; whether by planting for pollinators in their gardens, stewarding heritage […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 15th August 2022, under Events,Orchards,Visits

Visiting Swansea Orchard Project & the Grafting Season begins

This weekend, I made a visit to the Swansea Orchard Project to tutor in summer grafting and pruning as part of an accredited Certificate in Community Orcharding at a beautiful community orchard within the old walled garden of Margam Country Park. Set in 1,000 acres of Parkland, it is a place steeped in history, wildlife […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 18th July 2022, under Orchards

Orchard update & adventures in agroecology

Leading a guided tour of the site at our Maker’s Market last month With the Summer Solstice already behind us, and lots of growth at the nursery, it seems like a good time to update on what’s been happening. We have just completed our stocktake of nursery trees for the coming winter season. This has […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 29th June 2022, under Edible landscapes,Orchards

Winter planting season

The winter planting season is nearly here. I have a few hundred trees left!! Get in touch if you want me to send a stock list before they run out.

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Posted by Tom Adams on 11th November 2021, under Uncategorised

Fruiting Season

The trees are bulging with fruit. We’re enjoying Discovery apples and Beth pears at the moment…

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Posted by Tom Adams on 10th September 2019, under Orchards

End of season

We’re nearing the end of the planting season and I have very limited stock left. If you want to order trees it’s best to get in touch.   . The field in the picture is the new nursery site. We’ve got 3,500 rootstocks to plant in the next three weeks!

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Posted by Tom Adams on 16th March 2019, under Uncategorised

Organic tree nursery

The nursery is now officially in conversion to organic status. Here’s something I’ve written about plans for the new site. It’s unfinished but nearly there.. I run a one acre fruit tree nursery on the North Wales/North Shropshire border. It is not registered organic but I closely follow organic standards, using no synthetic pesticides or […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 29th January 2019, under Uncategorised